15k and the Bloody Nipples to Prove It!

Can you believe it? It takes a set of bloody nipples to get me to finally blog about jogging. I know, I know, that’s just gross but it happens! I came home today after my 15k run, I usually run 12k 3-4x a week and a 15k every week. Today I ran my first 15k totally in pouring rain and it was beautiful. I don’t think you lose as many electrolytes when running in a downpour than you would on a hot, humid day.

Well, I’m running on and on and feeling pretty damn good about myself only to make it back to my driveway and catch a split-second glimpse of myself in the reflection of my wife’s car’s passenger side window. I did a double take and then looked down at my chest. For a brief moment I thought I’d been shot, and by “brief moment”I mean as long as it takes to blink or turn the channel when Paris Hilton’s My New BFF comes on. But as quickly as the thought of being shot passed I realized that my nipples were bleeding. You see, when you’re really good at running but not so good at looking up the proper gear to wear while running, you tend to get yourself into a wee bit of trouble. What I found out the hard way was that when you wear a cotton shirt while running you sweat and the shirt becomes heavy and rubs against your body and certain parts of said body become… well… sensitive. Now I’ve always worn cotton shirts while running and I haven’t had any trouble, that is until today. As I mentioned above this is the first time I’ve run a 15k in the rain, well rain + cotton = a very heavy shirt. It rubbed so much that my… ahem… nipples became numb, so numb in fact that I no longer felt the rubbing. This is bad mmkay? They rubbed them to the point they ruined a good T-shirt. Funny thing is I had planned to run in my red T-shirt today but opted for the white. Silly me!

I dunno what was worse, in retrospect I had thought as I ran that people are looking at me in envy. “Look at that valiant jogger honey” they’d say. In actuality they were probably saying, “Jesus, that guy is tough. Two shots to the chest and he’s still running. Now that’s determination!” But then I get home and my wife and her mother are sitting on the porch laughing at me. It seems they figured it out before I did.

Anyhoo, let this be a lesson for all you amateur runners out there. Cotton, bad!