1st Meeting Re: New Web Comic

I met with co-creator Geoff Murrin this afternoon for the first of many meetings re: my new web comic (title yet to be release). We used Apple’s “FaceTime” app. It was extremely useful in the sense that I could tell when I had a bad idea cuz I could see Geoff roll his eyes. Just kidding, he’d flat out tell me I stink!

I know to most people this is all inane chatter but when Star Wars was pitched they thought it was inane too. When Facebook was launched people thought it wasn’t gonna go very far now look at it! This comic is gonna be the Facebook of web comics!! Yeah, yeah, you just wait’n see!

Things discussed in this meeting:

– Character development: The main characters. The hero of the story was talked about from a psychological standpoint. We really need people to relate to the character so we talked about how we are gonna accomplish that.

– Settings: Where it all takes place. It’ll be set in present day in a non-descript city.

– Antagonist(s): Who’s gonna be the bad guy and what will he do?

– Story arcs: Where this is all gonna go and what will it inevitably lead up to?

– Press: How will we get this out to the world? We want everyone to know about it!

– Format: We’ve decided to keep the comic black and white for a couple of reasons. 1) Most Manga comics are black and white and seem to do very well! 2) I’m the only artist working on it and I’m also writing the stories. I can put out more art if it stays black and white. Only the covers and publicity stills will be in color. Of course if the comic is as successful as we’re expecting it to be then full-color issues are a strong possibility later on.

– We discussed lots of smaller but vital elements in our 1 and a half hour meeting. We even discussed the probability of having a launch party in downtown Toronto sometime this summer.

I’ll be releasing some development sketches and other art as well as a series summary in the next few weeks. The actual launch of the comic won’t be for a while yet. Don’t wanna start with a tiny pop. We wanna start off with an explosion!

We have several ideas on how to get the word out already but if anyone with good press sense reading this blog has any ideas on how we can advertise the comic please lemme know by dropping me an email at smartzombie69@gmail.com. I’m totally open to your ideas!!