KDM Wall Murals Available Right Now!!

Hey gang! Just a quick note to let y’all know that I’ve opened a shop at the LTL Prints website. I’ve added many pieces of art I’ve done over the last few years. I’ll be adding a bunch more over the next few months but what’s there now is a good start. They’ll print them up to 7 feet high/long. The one’s you’ll find there […]

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Miranda’s Sleeping Fairy Mural

On February 4th, 2011 I posted a blog about an idea I had for easy “stick-on” wall murals. Well in short I found a company called LTL Prints out of Philadelphia that can apply my artwork to a fabric “sticker” up to 7 feet in length/height. I did a 2 foot tall test design and got it back today. I applied it to my daughter’s […]

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How to Remove Battle Damage from a Terminator T-800 Endoskull

Last year I bit the bullet and dropped some hard earned (ha ha ha) cash on a 1:1 Terminator T-800 Endoskull with Battle Damage. It’s the one with the removable chip in its head. I’d been watching eBay religiously for one for several years and finally caught up with one locally. Poor guy didn’t realize what he had and listed it way under-priced on eBay […]

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Makes You Wanna Go Back

After a hectic day this video made it all better. It’s so simple. So innocent. It makes me wish things weren’t so damned complicated some days in our adult lives.

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Social Media Hiatus

Just a quick and minor announcement. I’m writing some pretty important exams for work at the end of March and once again I’m finding the Internet is a MAJOR distraction. Time to hunker down and hit the books. While I’ll still be blogging from my web site, I will NOT be using Twitter or Facebook until AFTER my exams. I really need to focus and […]

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I’ll Know In 3 Weeks If It Worked!

[singlepic id=105 w=320 h=240 float=right]My wife and I were talking the other day and decided our daughter should be steered towards mythical creatures in an attempt to set her imagination ablaze. Maybe she’ll turn out as creative as me but without the immaturity and need to pass gas at inopportune moments. Anyhoo, I got to penciling a simple little fairy. It turned out OK. Should […]

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Flu Bug, Don’t Bother Me…

Day 2.5 and I’m locked in an epic battle with the dark side of the flu. So far I’m holding my own but two missed days of work is enough. Thank God for sick pay!! I used to be the guy that never got sick. I could have replaced Bruce Willis in “Unbreakable”, but there was a scheduling conflict and… well, that’s a story for […]

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