1st Meeting Re: New Web Comic

I met with co-creator Geoff Murrin this afternoon for the first of many meetings re: my new web comic (title yet to be release). We used Apple’s “FaceTime” app. It was extremely useful in the sense that I could tell when I had a bad idea cuz I could see Geoff roll his eyes. Just kidding, he’d flat out tell me I stink! I know […]

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The Facebook of Web Comics!

OK, maybe I’m playing it up a bit. After all a web comic is only as successful as its readers make it. I’ve been on Parental Leave from my job for two weeks (tomorrow). It’s been great! Watching lots of movies. Getting lots of yard work done. Changing lots of crappy diapers. I’m in stinky heaven! My new little girl is awesome. But I’m not […]

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