What’s Up With The Captain Wednesday Promo Quotes?

Oh-lo! Well, Captain Wednesday has been in the public eye for a few weeks now. I’m getting minimal feedback from folks, mainly on Facebook, and I’m cool with that. I’m not expecting a deluge of comments cuz I haven’t promoted CW at all outside of FB and Google+. The world still doesn’t know CW exists… yet. There are plans for some big promoting in the […]

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Captain Wednesday’s Quiet Arrival

Well, the time has finally arrived and at (what was supposed to be) midnight last night “Captain Wednesday” made a very quiet first appearance to the world. I never expected a major media event but the comic has only been online for 10 hours. Time will decided if my latest project will be a hit or a miss. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with my […]

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If You See This Post Don’t Get Excited!

I’m revamping my website for this Wednesday’s “Captain Wednesday” launch. I haven’t uploaded the actual comic yet so don’t think yer gonna see something before anyone else. I have to take the site live to test bits’n pieces of it. You find it’ll work one second then down back on a promo ad the next. Come back Wednesday Aug 10th!! And may the Force be […]

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