2012 – The Year of Wednesdays!

Well, 2011 has gone bub-bye and we ooze into another new year. We’ve all heard the hype by now that this could be our last year on Earth. We’re all hoping the Mayans just ran out of rock or they read their calendar upside down and the world actually ends in 5105. Whatever! It’s gonna be a great year and I’m cautiously optimistic there’ll be plenty more where that came from.

I know many of you have wondered what the hell happened to Captain Wednesday. If you don’t keep up with my blog then the short answer is LIFE happened to Captain Wednesday. Or rather life got in the way. To be more specific two wonderful little girls got in the way and took all of Daddy’s free time. I can’t complain really. My daughters do, and always will, come first. But for those of you who’ve enjoyed Captain Wednesday so far I have great news. My daughters start full time day care tomorrow. That frees up a lot of time for daddy to get back to his drawing desk.

Captain Wednesday will start updating again with new pages next Wednesday (Jan 10th). Of all the projects I’ve started and never finished in my life this is one that I must complete!! I’ve never had more passion for any project as I do this one. I’ll miss spending so much time with my little girls but one day I know they’ll understand. Hell, they’re gonna have more fun in daycare anyway. At least that’s what I’m trying to convince myself to grant me some comfort. 🙁

See you next Wednesday!