Letter To My Future Teenage Daughters

Letter To My Future Teenage Daughters

Before our daughters were born my wife and I set up separate email accounts for both of them. I wrote pre-birth e-mails to them talking about how excited we were they were coming and the preparations we were going through in anticipation of their arrivals. I thought I’d share this one. I wrote it to my future teenage daughters (who are 4 and 6 years […]

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Spring Is In The Air

“What are you eating? I hope it’s not yellow,” I say to my 2yo playing in the snow as I sit on a reclining lawn chair on our deck typing away on my iPad in very unseasonable weather (10 Celsius/ 50 Fahrenheit). The smell of Spring hangs heavily on the breeze. Gotta love days like this! As I scan my snow-covered yard thinking of all […]

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Sacrifice of the “Me”

I don’t know what’s considered a “normal” age to have children but I’d say my wife and I are considered “older” first-time parents. My wife was 40 when she gave birth to our first child and 42 when our second arrived. And since she’s a self-employed business owner, receiving no government assistance while at home with a baby, I took six months parental leave from […]

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Just A Note Of Thanks!

It’s been an exhausting week but we made it! For those of you who didn’t know our 6wk old daughter came down with a bad cold a couple of weeks ago. When it didn’t subside we sought medical help. One thing led to another and soon after we found ourselves in the emergency ward at Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario. There’s little more frightening […]

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Custom Wall Murals Now Available

Over the years I’ve had a lot of people (parents mostly) ask me if I do wall murals. As much as I wanted to say “yes” I could never afford the time to go to someone’s house and paint on their walls for a week or two. But that’s all in the past now. I’m happy to announce that I am immediately taking orders for […]

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She’s Gonna Be A Soccer Star

My wife made this video last night. It’s awesome! She’s 35 weeks pregnant and our daughter (#2) must be packing up for the move cuz she ain’t sitting still much these days. Check it out:

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Miranda’s Sleeping Fairy Mural

On February 4th, 2011 I posted a blog about an idea I had for easy “stick-on” wall murals. Well in short I found a company called LTL Prints out of Philadelphia that can apply my artwork to a fabric “sticker” up to 7 feet in length/height. I did a 2 foot tall test design and got it back today. I applied it to my daughter’s […]

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Makes You Wanna Go Back

After a hectic day this video made it all better. It’s so simple. So innocent. It makes me wish things weren’t so damned complicated some days in our adult lives.

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41 Years Later I Got My $#@! Together

I remember the way I used to talk and the things that I held important when I was in my early twenties. I was going to be a millionaire by the time I hit thirty. Actually, I remember my brother and I drew up contracts involving who would be the first to have an exotic sports car by that time. I’d say he’s closer with […]

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