C3PO Torn Off Head Modification

C3PO Torn Off Head Modification

A while back I got my nerdy hands on a resin cast C3PO head. I sanded it, painted it and glued it all together to come up with quite an impressive piece of Star Wars memorabilia (if I do say so myself). When I walk into my man cave I can’t help but look around the room for a bit before I do whatever it is I need to go in there to do. IMG_2931I love my collection of nerdifacts! But my eyes seem to always stop at my C3PO head display. I can’t help but think there’s something missing. Today I figured it out.

C3PO’s head on a display stand always seemed a bit odd to me. Odd in the sense that one might wonder where the hell the rest of his body is. How did he end up a head on a stick? Well, since I’m not gonna shell out $10,000 for a screen accurate full size protocol droid (right now anyway), I’ll have some fun with one piece of the golden droid that I do have. In my opinion, the head itself implies that the rest of his body is somewhere else. But how did he get this way? The way I see it, C3PO ticked off a Wookie or some Imperial Stormtroopers and they ended up ripping his head off. So I ran with that concept.

I purchased a circle of styrofoam and rummaged through the basement for a bunch of old wire and circuit boards and anything else that resembled the innards on a droid. IMG_3937Putting is all together is not rocket science! I pretty much just jammed all the crap I found into the styrofoam and plugged his neck hole with it. Voila!! A C3PO head that looks like it was torn from his body. Plus it saved me the $$$ and hassle of feeding LEDs into his eyes to make ’em light up. Now I don’t have to do that cuz he’s dead! Muhahahahahahahaha!!