Captain Wednesday Development Sketches Released

Hey all! As promised I’m releasing some development sketches from my upcoming web comic “Captain Wednesday” every Wednesday until August 10th (the official launch date of the comic).

Here are a couple of sketches of Daniel Brewster, Captain Wednesday’s 17 year-old alter ego. As mentioned before he’s a typical teen until Wednesday roles around. Then he transforms into our Hump Day Hero Captain Wednesday!!


The next image is Daniel’s best friend Raymond McKinnon. He’s a mix of Bruce Lee, the Karate Kid and Luke Skyewalker. A geeky kid who loves martial arts! He’s a loyal friend of Daniel’s and has a knock out mom all his friends want to “get with”. It drives him nuts! The image below is an earlier version of Ray. I’ll release the finalized version next Wednesday.

And last is a very very early sketch of Captain Wednesday. I wasn’t happy with this version but after several tries I got it right (bottom image). More for you next Wednesday!!