That ONE Idea

That ONE Idea

Well, we’re back from our productive weekend up north on Lake Muskoka (Ontario, Canada). It was the first meeting of SmartZombie Productions since I took on two partners at the end of 2014. During Christmas I had a grumpy text message from one of them, the grumpy Tony Cedrone (TC) telling me there was no snow up north so we’d have to scrap the short […]

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2012 – The Year of Wednesdays!

Well, 2011 has gone bub-bye and we ooze into another new year. We’ve all heard the hype by now that this could be our last year on Earth. We’re all hoping the Mayans just ran out of rock or they read their calendar upside down and the world actually ends in 5105. Whatever! It’s gonna be a great year and I’m cautiously optimistic there’ll be […]

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What’s Up With The Captain Wednesday Promo Quotes?

Oh-lo! Well, Captain Wednesday has been in the public eye for a few weeks now. I’m getting minimal feedback from folks, mainly on Facebook, and I’m cool with that. I’m not expecting a deluge of comments cuz I haven’t promoted CW at all outside of FB and Google+. The world still doesn’t know CW exists… yet. There are plans for some big promoting in the […]

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Captain Wednesday’s Quiet Arrival

Well, the time has finally arrived and at (what was supposed to be) midnight last night “Captain Wednesday” made a very quiet first appearance to the world. I never expected a major media event but the comic has only been online for 10 hours. Time will decided if my latest project will be a hit or a miss. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with my […]

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If You See This Post Don’t Get Excited!

I’m revamping my website for this Wednesday’s “Captain Wednesday” launch. I haven’t uploaded the actual comic yet so don’t think yer gonna see something before anyone else. I have to take the site live to test bits’n pieces of it. You find it’ll work one second then down back on a promo ad the next. Come back Wednesday Aug 10th!! And may the Force be […]

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Even MORE Captain Wednesday Development Sketches

It’s “Hump Day”! And you know what that means. OK, yes it’s half way through the work week but it also means more “Captain Wednesday” goodies. The launch is a mere two weeks away. So to keep yer appetite whet here are a few more development sketches from my upcoming Captain Wednesday web comic.   The first image is “Nikki”. She’s the head cheerleader of […]

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More Captain Wednesday Development Sketches

Hey gang! It’s Wednesday and counting down to the release of my latest web comic “Captain Wednesday”. As promised here are a few more development sketches. The first two again are earlier versions of Captain Wednesday. You can see in bottom of the first pic CW’s face is starting to take that finalized form with the hug “lunchbox” jaw. The third image is “Ray’s” mom […]

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Captain Wednesday Development Sketches Released

Hey all! As promised I’m releasing some development sketches from my upcoming web comic “Captain Wednesday” every Wednesday until August 10th (the official launch date of the comic). Here are a couple of sketches of Daniel Brewster, Captain Wednesday’s 17 year-old alter ego. As mentioned before he’s a typical teen until Wednesday roles around. Then he transforms into our Hump Day Hero Captain Wednesday!!

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Introducing (sort of) My Next Web Comic…

Well, it’s been a few weeks of craziness but in addition to being a dad to an energetic toddler and a very alert 1 month-old little girl I was somehow able to get in enough “art” time and develop much of my upcoming web comic project. So, without further adieu I present to you… an untitled poster: After talking with my story consultants we’ve decided […]

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Custom Wall Murals Now Available

Over the years I’ve had a lot of people (parents mostly) ask me if I do wall murals. As much as I wanted to say “yes” I could never afford the time to go to someone’s house and paint on their walls for a week or two. But that’s all in the past now. I’m happy to announce that I am immediately taking orders for […]

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