Custom Wall Murals Now Available

Over the years I’ve had a lot of people (parents mostly) ask me if I do wall murals. As much as I wanted to say “yes” I could never afford the time to go to someone’s house and paint on their walls for a week or two. But that’s all in the past now.

I’m happy to announce that I am immediately taking orders for custom designed wall murals! What’s so great about custom designed wall murals? Have you ever wanted to spice up your office with artwork but had to settle for an unlimited edition print you bought at a store. Maybe you wanted to decorate your child’s bedroom and thought how great it would be to have your own kids appear in the art instead of having to just accept the art you purchased in sticker form that peeled off after a month? Or have you ever thought of having a mural painted on your wall but didn’t when you realized you’d have to leave it behind when you moved? Now it’s no longer a problem!!

I can create virtually any situation or subject matter you wish*. Imagine the look on your children’s faces when they see themselves as cartoons on the wall!  Or why not a whole family portrait applied right to the wall!!

My murals are printed up to 7 feet tall in vivid color and highly detailed on a patented, innovative cloth material that is self-adhesive and extremely durable. That’s right! In most cases you can apply the mural yourself in seconds.  Just peel and stick! And what’s truly amazing is that the mural can be removed and reapplied up to 100 times without losing adhesion!! Plus, the material will stick to most any surface including regular painted walls, stucco, glass, metal, plastic and wood. And if you move you can take the mural with you!! 

My rates include the custom designing fee as well as the cost of printing and shipping of the artwork**.  Rates vary with each job but basically they start at an all-inclusive low cost of only $100. Again this includes the designing of the art, the printing and the shipping of the art right to your door! And the custom designing fee doesn’t change with the size of the artwork! You want a 1 foot tall mural? The custom designing fee is no different for a 7 foot tall mural!

Sleeping Fairy

A 2 foot tall fairy mural I designed for my daughter's bedroom.


If you’re interested or would like more information please send me an e-mail at or find me on Twitter. You’ll find I’m very flexible and excited to hear your ideas! Please have a look through my website and hopefully you’ll see the passion I have for creating art! I look forward to hearing from you soon!!









* I will not draw images that are protected under copyright. All artwork is original. If you’re not sure if it’s protected under copyright please feel free to ask.

** Shipping may take up to four weeks for delivery.