Even MORE Captain Wednesday Development Sketches

It’s “Hump Day”! And you know what that means. OK, yes it’s half way through the work week but it also means more “Captain Wednesday” goodies. The launch is a mere two weeks away. So to keep yer appetite whet here are a few more development sketches from my upcoming Captain Wednesday web comic.


The first image is “Nikki”. She’s the head cheerleader of the high school football team and Daniel’s dream girl. Unfortunately for Daniel she doesn’t know he exists or does know he exists and wants nothing to do with him and his unpopular ilk.

The next is another character you haven’t seen yet. He’s the evil scientist in the story who’s gonna give Captain Wednesday a run for his money! I actually recycled this character from the unreleased (incomplete) webcomic “Anubis Rising”. He was too cool to sit on the shelf so I made him the main baddy in “Captain Wednesday”.

The next pic is the first drawing of “Captain Wednesday”. I initially thought of having Daniel change into some really dumb hero outfit that he made himself, with no effort. Then I had the idea of him changing into a completely different person, size and shape but with his teenage brain at the helm.

Then there’s another page of really early Captain Wednesday sketches:

Lastly here’ s the final version of Captain Wednesday. This is the version you’ll see in the comic.


See you next Wednesday!