Everyone’s Gotta Recharge

IMG_8766-e1416946713403That’s the thing about the Rat Race. We push ahead through the maze of life and often forget either where we’re going or why. We lose our focus and get so caught up in the politics and drama of our lives that we don’t take the time to step back and reassess or more importantly, recharge!

I live just outside Canada’s largest, Toronto. My commute to work is about one hour in the a.m. and one and half in the p.m. It’s currently beyond my control and that’s just the way it is… for now. But I’m cool with that. I like to listen to my tunes or audio books. At the end of the day I get an hour and a half to decompress before I get home to my family. It’s really not so bad. But when you’re the creative sort or you have dreams of something so much more, reassessing and decompression aren’t enough. You need a recharge. Many people get it from going to the gym. Some listen to music while others play a musical instrument(s). I do most of the preceding. I play the acoustic guitar and piano. I like to come up with my own tunes rather than play what’s already been done. But after a time it’s just not enough. I need a specific type of inspiration. Unfortunately, I need to travel 1200 miles to get to it.

I’m what Canadians refer to as a Bluenoser. This is an age-old but respectful term to describe one who was born in the province of Nova Scotia. And although I’ve lived in several provinces across this great nation, Nova Scotia will always be home to me. It’s also the place I go to recharge. 4000 miles of coastline almost entirely surrounded by water. For the most part, Peggy’s Cove is a must-visit location for me when I go home. I mean, I’ll take any ocean and it has virtually the same effect on me but Peggy’s Cove is special. My brother and I used to run, full speed, across the rocks when we were kids. We looked like a couple of complete idiots when we did it but we new the rocks so well it was safe enough. No broken bones or twisted ankles ever came of it. Yet.

I can’t describe how being near the ocean makes me feel. I know most of you probably know exactly what I mean without me struggling to explain it. It’s just something magical. It recharges and inspires me like nothing else. So, here I am just back from my trip. Refreshed, recharged and inspired. Let’s see what comes of it!