Help! I’ve drawn myself into a corner!!

So, I have a moral issue brewing here. I’m working on a strip and I get to the realization that one of the main characters is an alien who smokes pot! Now it’s no commentary from me the fact that he’s a drug user, marijuana being the only drug of choice, but I’m not sure I can get away with this morally. Yeah, the strip could turn out to be really popular among teens and potheads but this could be a serious conflict of interest with my day job. Also, as a former cartoonist of a family strip I think there could be moral ramifications if I continue with the project.

How would it turn out if I write/draw a children’s book and it gets published then parents visit my website only to find a comic strip authored by me featuring a pot smoking alien?? Somehow I don’t think it’ll go over well. I thought of a pen name or even launching it from my other web site but  it’ll inevitably find it’s way back to me. I think I’m setting myself up for a huge fall but I really wanna do this strip.

Your thoughts?