How to Remove Battle Damage from a Terminator T-800 Endoskull

Last year I bit the bullet and dropped some hard earned (ha ha ha) cash on a 1:1 Terminator T-800 Endoskull with Battle Damage. It’s the one with the removable chip in its head. I’d been watching eBay religiously for one for several years and finally caught up with one locally. Poor guy didn’t realize what he had and listed it way under-priced on eBay as a “T800 Bust”. I can’t  help but think if he threw in the word “Terminator”  in the auction title I’d have ended up being outbid by some snot-nosed, pimple-faced nerd. Instead this clean-nosed, clear-faced, nerd got it! Boo yeah!!

Anyhoo, to make a long story short I really wanted the chrome version but beggars can’t be choosers. Or can they? I recently discovered a way to actually remove all the crud they stick on it at the factory to give it the roughed up and worn look. What you get in the end is a beautiful and crudless chrome finish. And it’s soooo simple that I can sum it up in three words: nail polish remover. Actually it’s the non-acetone nail polish remover. I’ll repeat that. NON-ACETONE nail polish remover. I’ve included a few Before and After photos below to show you that even a blindfolded chimp with a pencil in his teeth can do this. In other words, if I can do it, you’ll have no trouble at all. Just be patient. The goop comes off easily but this thing has a billion nooks and crannies. Don’t expect to finish it all in a couple of hours. Chances are if you’re buying stuff like this you have no life and that should afford you lots of time to complete the job!

Good luck!!