I’ll Know In 3 Weeks If It Worked!

My wife and I were talking the other day and decided our daughter should be steered towards mythical creatures in an attempt to set her imagination ablaze. Maybe she’ll turn out as creative as me but without the immaturity and need to pass gas at inopportune moments. Anyhoo, I got to penciling a simple little fairy. It turned out OK. Should bring a smile to my li’l girl.

I’ve sent the artwork off to a company in the US that’ll print it onto a fabric sticker that can be applied to virtually any surface. And what’s even greater about it is that it can be peeled off and reapplied somewhere else. They’ll print them up to 7 feet in height or length. Of course you can always print off sections and piece them together for pretty much any size you want. I won’t mention the company right away until I get the finished product from them in a few weeks. I won’t jump to put my endorsement on anything that turns out to suck! I’ll post pix in a few weeks once I get it and put it on my daughter’s bedroom wall.

I got to thinking that if this turns out as well as I hope it will it may present the opportunity to start doing custom orders for my artwork. I’m sure some mother somewhere would love to have their kid(s) cartoonized and made into a huge mural that they I could apply (for a nominal fee) to their walls. This could be a good side biz!