Introducing (sort of) My Next Web Comic…

Well, it’s been a few weeks of craziness but in addition to being a dad to an energetic toddler and a very alert 1 month-old little girl I was somehow able to get in enough “art” time and develop much of my upcoming web comic project.

So, without further adieu I present to you… an untitled poster:

After talking with my story consultants we’ve decided to hold off on releasing the name of the project for another week or so. Yes, it DOES have a name already but as I’ve mentioned before revealing the name of the comic would give too much away. You can scratch your heads for now but in a week or two when you learn the name of the project you’ll clearly see why I withheld it.

I promise it’ll be exciting and side-splitting hilarious! Hopefully you’ll wanna read the comic based on the concept alone. The details that I CAN give you now is that the comic will be set in modern times (unlike my now shelved Anubis Rising project). It’ll also be in black and white except for the cover and any promo shots which will be in full color. The reason for this is because I’m writing it and doing ALL the art and text in the comic. My artistic output will be far greater this way than if I had to color everything. We’ll see how well the comic does after a year or two before I decide if color is a possibility. I’m looking at a launch date of August 10th, 2011 and if I can get my shit together by that time there may even be a launch dinner/party somewhere in downtown Toronto.

Stay tooned!!