Just A Note Of Thanks!

It’s been an exhausting week but we made it! For those of you who didn’t know our 6wk old daughter came down with a bad cold a couple of weeks ago. When it didn’t subside we sought medical help. One thing led to another and soon after we found ourselves in the emergency ward at Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario. There’s little more frightening to parents than a sick child who isn’t getting better at home. The doctors quickly diagnosed her with pneumonia. There were three patches of the stuff in her lungs on her X-ray and that was more than enough to have them admit her and immediately begin the seven day cycle of antibiotics.

I suppose if someone had told us in the beginning that kids don’t die from pneumonia while they’re in the hospital we’d have felt better. But at 6wks old any little thing is a big thing when it comes to an infant’s health.

We decided to hold off for a few days posting about it on Facebook but then decided a little support group can be a good thing for parents going through what we did. In retrospect I think we didn’t understand the severity of the situation. It’s a terrible thing for a child so young to have pneumonia (or any health issues) but the percentage of recovery is so damn high it may as well be 100%. In an ironic sort of way though it really made us appreciate the temper tantrums and poor eating habits we endure with our 2 year old. We longed for the tantrums over having to stay in the hospital. And to think of what families go through with children who suffer from cancer or heart problems, or birth defects. We were damn lucky to only have had to deal with pneumonia.

We sincerely thank all of you who posted your support on Facebook or sent us emails, phone calls, smoke signals, psychic vibrations, etc. I can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciated it and how good it made us feel. Our little girl is home with her big sister and we’re a family again!