Just Do It! – or- Happy Flip’n New Years!

Just Do It! – or- Happy Flip’n New Years!

This is my first day back to my day job since December 10th of last year. Needless to say, life has been a little easier during the past three weeks. But reality is rocking me back and forth, and she’s telling me it’s time to wake up. Unfortunately, I can’t tell her to go screw herself. Can’t afford to do that just yet.

If you’re like me, you start off each new year saying to yourself, “This is the year I’m going to do it!” Of course, “do it” can mean a lot of things. But for me it means coming up with an idea that will allow me to leave my mark on the world. Something to be remembered by (hopefully something good). But as the days roll by it ends up meaning less about any creative endeavours and more about fixing something in the house like a leaky faucet or that loose spindle on the staircase. Every year I say the say damn thing and how far do I really get? Well, the world still has no clue who I am and the spindle on my staircase is still loose. There ya go.

I have a variety of talents. I’m one of those guys people like to hate cuz they can do almost anything and do it well. I taught myself to play the guitar and piano. In fact, I can pick up pretty near any instrument and spit out a tune. I can draw, paint, and do impressive sculptures in the sand (see above photo – that sucker’s 63 feet long). I can write interesting stories. I’m a pretty good photographer. I can iron my own clothes (you laugh but trust me, that’s a talent for most men). I can build cool websites. I can sing. I can even do a half decent Scooby Doo impression. But I don’t want to use my talents to simply create what’s already been created and re-created a million times over. That’s one of the problems I find with the Internet. It’s full of recycled and reoccurring creativity. I want to give birth to that one idea that hasn’t been thought of before. But where do I start?

2016 is about regrouping my efforts from all those years of failed attempts. This isn’t MY year to “do it”, it’s my year to step back and look at things from a fresh perspective and ask myself, “Has this been done before and if not, then why am I really doing it?” Am I an entertainer? Am I an artist? Am I a scholar? HA, “scholar!!” I meant to say “schlep” but it auto-corrected.

Anyhoo, it looks as though I’ve gotta few things to iron out.