Miranda’s Sleeping Fairy Mural

On February 4th, 2011 I posted a blog about an idea I had for easy “stick-on” wall murals. Well in short I found a company called LTL Prints out of Philadelphia that can apply my artwork to a fabric “sticker” up to 7 feet in length/height. I did a 2 foot tall test design and got it back today. I applied it to my daughter’s bedroom wall and it looks great! I’m curious to see how long the adhesive will last but the company boasts that the mural can be peeled off the wall and used again 100 times without leaving a mark. I don’t plan on moving the mural but it’ll be interesting to see how it holds up after a season of humidity and another of dryness. Either way I may start taking orders soon for my custom designs.

I’ve had a lot of people asking me about murals and I just don’t have the time to do artwork directly of the surface of a wall. I do however have the time to design something and get it printed onto fabric that YOU can easily apply yourself. Plus, the really great thing is if you move you can take the mural with you! How cool would it be to have cartoons of you and/or your kids doing whatever but posted in a huge mural up to 7 feet tall/wide on their wall?! That’d be awesome! I’m sending off some more of my artwork as we speak to get turned into big murals for my home studio/office. I’ll post pix when that’s done.

I’ve attached a couple of pix below of my daughter’s new mural. The images differ slightly from the above link as it’s cutout of its background for a much better effect.

Sleeping Fairy Sleeping Fairy On The Wall

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