More Captain Wednesday Development Sketches

Hey gang! It’s Wednesday and counting down to the release of my latest web comic “Captain Wednesday”. As promised here are a few more development sketches. The first two again are earlier versions of Captain Wednesday. You can see in bottom of the first pic CW’s face is starting to take that finalized form with the hug “lunchbox” jaw. The third image is “Ray’s” mom Alice. It drives Ray crazy that all his friends want to “get with” her. She’s not an alcoholic as this picture seems to show her pouring a shot! I was thinking it’s juice for the boys but run with whatever you’re thinking. The last image is a more finalized version of Ray McKinnon, Daniel’s best friend. He’s into the martial arts something serious.

Some exciting news. We’re getting some celebrity endorsements for the comic. We’re trying our best to get them BEFORE the launch. We have a few already including a comic book industry legend (not Stan Lee). We’ll see how many more we can get within the next couple of weeks!

More stuff for you next Wednesday!