My Last Day Off :-(

It’s kind of like that feeling you used to get as a kid. The impending feeling of doom and gloom as the last days of summer whip through the calendar and you’re faced with going back to school. A part of you is excited about getting back into the swing of things while a bigger part of you is just sick as the last lingering thread of freedom is about to snap.

My “real” job is pretty stressful so I get a lot of time off and for that I’m grateful but when it comes time to go back to work I turn into a tantrum throwing 5 year-old screaming in the middle of the mall, “I DON’T WANNA GO BACK!!” OK, I really didn’t do this I’m speaking hypothetically. Don’t get me wrong cuz I love my job a lot but time off is always welcome. I’ve had three weeks off and although I didn’t get as much done around the house as I wanted to, it’s still been a gas. I spent 75% of the time playing with my awesome 19month-old daughter and pretty much the rest of the time drawing or working on some websites. I always feel guilty though about the house stuff not getting done. Oh, look at that, the guilt’s gone. I don’t hold on to much for long. Sometimes ADD is a good thing.