Spring Is In The Air

“What are you eating? I hope it’s not yellow,” I say to my 2yo playing in the snow as I sit on a reclining lawn chair on our deck typing away on my iPad in very unseasonable weather (10 Celsius/ 50 Fahrenheit). The smell of Spring hangs heavily on the breeze. Gotta love days like this!

As I scan my snow-covered yard thinking of all the dog crap I’m gonna have to pick up once the snow melts, I’m reminded of a time in my early youth when my brother hung me by my parka hood on a fence and left me there until my grandmother, hearing my girlish screams, came outside to let me down. Ah, those were simpler times. And probably the source of many of my adult insecurities. Thanks Scott. Jerk!

Spring is right around the corner and right now the only thing on my mind, short of dog poo duty, is whether I should put my summer tires back on my SUV now or in a few more weeks when it’s due for an oil change. I know what you’re thinking. You wish my problems.

Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. They’re poetic in the sense that Fall represents death and Spring is a time of rebirth. Life just seems more bearable when there’s no snow on the ground. When it fades away so does the black cloud that had been accumulating over our heads since early November. It’s a happier time when we’re reminded to get off our fat asses and go for a walk with family or friends. A time when we pull the bikes down from the garage wall and top off their tires with air. A time to clean out the gutters of an assortment of leaves, twigs and dead squirrels. It’s a time we’re reminded of how truly good life is.

Now if only I could put off dog poo pick up till Summer.