That ONE Idea

That ONE Idea

Well, we’re back from our productive weekend up north on Lake Muskoka (Ontario, Canada). It was the first meeting of SmartZombie Productions since I took on two partners at the end of 2014. During Christmas I had a grumpy text message from one of them, the grumpy Tony Cedrone (TC) telling me there was no snow up north so we’d have to scrap the short Star Wars-related bit we had planned to shoot as part of our venturesome reality TV show pilot. But the filmmaking gods smiled down upon us and voila! Shitloads of snow a week later!

With the flakes cascading down upon our arrival we enthusiastically bounded through the snow with filming equipment in tow. Swill (Sean Williams) and TC in arctic wear and me in quick-to-freeze stormtrooper armour, shivering my Imperial ass off! Thank God we only needed a few quick shots with which Swill will work his editorial magic. We shot through a literal blizzard but it worked to our advantage since to add in the required visual effects Swill would have to cut out much of the background. But there really was no background thanks to the storm! We owe you one, Mother Nature!

After our frigid shoot was over we retreated inside to a robust fire (contained) and a game of pool on the largest pool table I’d seen since my bar hopping days living in Western Canada. We eagerly reviewed some of the footage we’d shot. We sat there in awe of what we were seeing. Something about one of the coolest characters in Star Wars trudging around, knee-deep, in fresh, powdery Canadian snow (unlike the fatter, loud American snow). Hard to put into words but it was… impeccable, prodigious, phenomenal, sublime, yada, yada, yada. I immediately and frantically began posting the images on social media and in between every breath checked for “likes” and comments from faithful SmartZombie followers. By the way, thanks to all 12 people who liked our photos.

As Swill began editing the footage on his laptop (I understand he borrowed it from NASA) on the thickly shellacked pine table in the corner of the living room, TC sat on the couch nursing a beer and eating Ms. Vickie’s Sea Salt and Vinegar chips while I set up the lighting for the interior shoot of our reality TV show pilot. Now let it be known that none of us are taking the pilot nor ourselves too seriously. We shot a bunch of footage whilst binging on beer, rum, scotch, chicken wings and poutine (not in that order) and what will we have in the end? Who knows?! Our main goal and a better part of our business plan is to simply have fun being our geeky selves and not get arrested.

The show, at this point, is about three full grown men getting their geek on trying to come up with that ONE idea that will take the Internet, and most probably the world, by storm. I honestly thought it would take us several months to get to that point. But what Bob Dylan, LSD and marijuana did for the Beatles, Crown Royal rum, Dewar’s scotch and Rikards ale did for us. We came up with the awesomest of awesome, the awe-inspringest of awe-inspiring, the superlativest of superlative ideas! Well, actually it’s an idea I had several years ago that’d been collecting dust while holding up the short end of my couch. But we’ve dusted it off and used our collective eggheadedness to give it 93% more oomph!

Over the next few months I’m going to re-develop the shit out of it with the help of my fellow geeks. I think we’re really onto something here. I’ll most likely pull a J.J. Abrams and “leak” a few designs from here some of our social media accounts. We’re in the process of laying out a respectable and realistic timelines given the fact that the three of us have day jobs that require our undivided attention.

Stay tooned!! – KD Mack

Ps. It has absolutely, positively, completely and without a doubt NOTHING to do with Star Wars.

PPs. Alright, Star Wars might be mentioned or represented in the project.