The “Avatar and Everything Else” Blog

It’s been a while since my last entry but with good reason. Ever try to raise a kid? For those parents out there just try to recall what it was like having all the time in the world to do anything you wanted and suddenly having that all taken away from you in one day! That pretty much sums up the realistic and non-emotional side of childbirth right?

Now don’t get me wrong cuz there’s nothing in this world I love more than being a dad but holy $@#! does it ever suck up your time!!! I’m a proud papa to a now 10 month old l’il chatterbox. We have a great time together and I dread every second we’re apart but it’s such an eyeopener when you come to realize how much time you wasted before having kids and how important it is to plan, plan, plan when you have one. Time is a valuable commodity, like water!! Sorry I lost my train of thought. I just wanted to use the word “commodity”.

As you may or may not have noticed I’m probably the only cartoonist out there that doesn’t draw anything. Or at least I haven’t drawn anything in several months cuz I’ve been up to my eyeballs in poopy diapers (yeah I said poopy) and dry Cheerios my daughter has left on the floor for me to step on. Still I’m having the time of my life but haven’t been able to get much done in the way of artwork.

Like anything you need to get done, it’s all about focus. I don’t care how busy you say you are there’s always time for anything. The key: be loyal to your schedule and don’t get sidetracked by Twitter, Facebook and writing about nothing in your blog!! I do see the light at the end of the tunnel though. My daughter turned 10 months today and every week she’s changing more and more into a little person than a helpless baby. It’s a very exciting time but now that she’s able to play by herself with minimal supervision I find my time is getting freed up in little chunks here and there. The goal now is to optimize that time before it gets sucked into the parenting vortex again.

Thankfully I have a great mum-in-law who enjoys spending time with her granddaughter ergo daddy has some time now and then to do daddy things… like seeing Avatar three times!! Have you seen this movie? Seeing this movie I felt like I did the first time I saw Star Wars in the summer of ’77. Yeah I was around then. I don’t need to give you much of a review as I’m guessing the fact that I’ve seen it three times speaks volumes about how I felt about the flick. I do wanna see it a fourth time but on Imax 3D. I know it wasn’t shot in 70mm but after seeing it in its true digital 3D goodness I think I’d like to see what Imax 3D offers. This movie has set my imagination on fire, much like Star Wars did. But I gotta remain focused and stay the course, work only on art that will bring me closer to fame and fortune and not just random crap like my “Avatard” pic up top. “Avatards” are what I call people who saw the film at least twice.

Anyhoo, now with a little more time on my hands I’ll get back to the drawing board and hopefully have more stuff for you to peruse sooner than later. Working on a secret project (with the executive producer of CSI: NY) that I hope will turn into something very fruitful in the near future as long as I can get the @#$! artwork back from my damaged external hard drive. But that’s a story for another time.

Stay tooned!