The Day I Almost Met Captain Picard

Joe Scanlan!! Dammit!!! I remember his name nine frick’n years too late.Picard

Back in 2004 I was working on a TV show for ESPN. For whatever reason I found myself in the lobby of the Sutton Place Hotel in downtown Toronto. I seem to think I was meeting with a director or something like that.

I remember sitting in a chair across from the elevators in the main lobby when I looked up upon hearing a familiar British accent. There was Patrick Stewart standing not 20 feet from where I was seated. Now I’m somewhat of a closet Trekkie and upon seeing Patrick my body involuntarily rose from the chair and I started walking toward him as he waited for the elevator. Now, I’m not one to get “starstruck” and I really don’t give a rat’s ass over meeting celebrities (having worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest over the past fifteen years) but I had good reason to introduced myself. Patrick and I had worked with a certain director at one time in our careers and as I walked toward him I rehearsed in my head “Mr. Patrick! Hi, my name is Doug MacRae. I worked with Joe Sc… Joe Spar… Joe Sco…” Dammit! I couldn’t remember the director’s last name.┬áImagine me walking up to Captain Picard and saying “Mr. Patrick! Hi, my name is Doug MacRae and I know Joe.” I’m sure he would have had security beam my ass straight out into the street at warp speed!

I stopped in my tracks as the elevator doors swung open and Partick Stewart disappeared from my life and quickly as he entered it. I stood there looking like a scene from an old romantic French drama as the train pulled away from the platform and I stayed behind, the camera moving further and further away. Cue the sad piano music.

About ten minutes prior to writing this entry I remembered his damn name!! Oh well, makes for a good story later on. Plus about a year later I nearly knocked Pierce Brosnan on his ass in the lobby of the Four Seasons!! But that’s a story for another time. ­čÖé