The Facebook of Web Comics!

OK, maybe I’m playing it up a bit. After all a web comic is only as successful as its readers make it.

I’ve been on Parental Leave from my job for two weeks (tomorrow). It’s been great! Watching lots of movies. Getting lots of yard work done. Changing lots of crappy diapers. I’m in stinky heaven! My new little girl is awesome. But I’m not waiting on her or her 2yo sister every second. They’re good kids. They give mommy and daddy a little breathing space. So with the time that I have I’m doing two things. Well, three if you include staring contests with my dog. I’ve been working on a kid’s book project with an old friend of mine (ex-exec producer of CSI: New York and now exec producer on Hawaii Five-O). It’s taking a damn long time cuz neither of us has a lot of time. Well, I do now so I’ll get ‘er done. The other project came to light only in the past few days.

I’d been entertaining the idea of bringing back a project I cancelled due to reasons of morality and the potential conflict it could have with my day job. You can read my blog entry from a few months back to get the skinny on that issue. I’d been trying to come up with an idea to end all ideas for a new web comic.  I thought “Xenophilia” (my pot smoking aliens comic) could be that comic. Of course I was willing to revamp, renovate, do whatever just to clean it up enough so I wouldn’t live in fear of losing my day job. Well, I’m please to say that it won’t be coming back after all! I know. You weren’t expecting that.

Over the past several years I’ve been trying to get the rights to do a web comic based on a concept by a couple screenwriter friends of mine. I worked with Jim and Geoff Murrin on a television series for Warner Brothers back in the late 90s. You might not know them for their writing but if you were a fan of the TV series La Femme NIKITA (not the recent one with the hot Asian chick but the older one with the hot Australian chick) you’ll know Jim and Geoff as the mysterious “Goatee Twins”. I think they appeared in a few episodes towards the end of the series. I dunno. I never watched the show.

Anyhoo, after posing the question annually (for about 6 years) to them: “Are you planning on doing anything with blankety blank blank?” (I don’t wanna give away the title just yet as it reveals more than you’d think) I finally got a “Yeah, you can have it”. I was thrilled beyond words and if my 2yo daughter wasn’t sitting in the back seat I might have cried a little too.

So there you have it! Blankety blank blank is in development and will be coming soon to no bookstores near you. It’s a web comic, genius!

Ps. I’ll be posting some development sketches and revealing the title and storyline in the next weeks or so. This comic is gonna rock!!