Why This Website

There are a number of reasons why I created this website. Up until the time our first child was born, it was a place for me to showcase my artwork and other creative endeavours. I suppose it still is. But I’ve evolved beyond my own ego since becoming a father. It’s no longer all about me.  

On one side, I created this site as a family photo album so my girls can relive a great moment or two in their lives – the way I see it anyway. I want it to be a place they can visit when they’re feeling down or when the weight of the world has temporarily crushed their spirit. Maybe something they’ll stumble upon here will trigger a smile and recharge them enough to get back on their feet and kick life in the nuts.

On the other side… I’m in a field of work that can be very dangerous. I guess you can call me a first responder. I’ve seen my share of some pretty nasty things and I will continue along this path for many years to come because, for the moment, I’m where I need to be. My goal at the end of the day is simple – to go home to my wife and children. In the event I fail at some point in the future to achieve this goal I want my children to know the person I was. And although I would forfeit my life for complete strangers and sacrifice seeing my children grow up, fall in love, choose a career, marry and have children of their own, I want this website to be a testament to how much I love them and how they made me a better person.