What’s Up With The Captain Wednesday Promo Quotes?

Oh-lo! Well, Captain Wednesday has been in the public eye for a few weeks now. I’m getting minimal feedback from folks, mainly on Facebook, and I’m cool with that. I’m not expecting a deluge of comments cuz I haven’t promoted CW at all outside of FB and Google+. The world still doesn’t know CW exists… yet. There are plans for some big promoting in the near future but I wanna wait until I have the first issue completed. Incidentally, the story takes place over several issues. In case you were thinking it all gets told in one.

Most of you have probably noticed all those fancy promotional quotes that pie you in the face as soon as you tune into my website. I know what a lot of you are thinking. Yeah, any schmuck can throw together “Captain Wednesday is great!” and throw someone’s name on the end of it. But the difference in doing that and what you see on my page is that the quotes on my site are real and the names attached to them are actual people who’ve chosen to support my project.

It’s a little known fact that I had a very different life before settling into my role as a husband and a daddy to two gorgeous little girls. I worked in the Film and Television biz for 12 years (and I’m still linked to it today despite following a totally different post-film career path). All of the names associated to the supportive quotes you see above and to the left are by people I used to work with and to some extent we keep in touch. I’m even working on a small project, unrelated to CW, with one of them still.

I’m hoping in the months to come as the comic grows in popularity we’ll see more celebrity quotes coming in in support of CW. In my opinion it’s promotional gold. As for the “big promoting” I mentioned earlier, you’ll know when it happens. Captain Wednesday will be all they talk about at the water cooler.